The SDG's

Part two of our Launch Series of videos insights discusses the SDGs in more detail and their impact on business and how you can get involved and help champion the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals inside your organisation and throughout your community.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015 the United Nations summoned world leaders to agree 17 goals to achieve a better world by the year 2030. The goals address poverty, inequality and climate change among 17 other important goals. Working together as governments, businesses and the wider society we can work together to achieve these goals and furthermore, build a better future.

A Brief Introduction to the 17 SDGs

Creating a legible map

Certain SDGs resonate strongly with us either through our experiences and how we've developed an understanding around the goal. We recognise that in order to move forwards we have to understand that landscape. Maps are a useful diagnostic tool that helps us to better understand different touchpoints, people involved and the relationships between them to better address the business of creating a unified strategy to move towards, not with the rigidity of a pathway, but with an understanding of the emerging opportunities and challenges as we move through the map. The SDGs uncover touchpoints and relationships that our customers, staff and shareholders hold which are a part of their morale code and part of their legacy. This provides us with valuable information that enables us to create a more detailed map.

Let's start drawing your map...

Why Benchmark?

The SDGs have specific indicators that are designed for countries to be able to use their statistics to see how close they are to achieving a specific goal and to a certain extent define that goal. There are many ways to evaluate an organisations impact on environmental, social and governance issues. We like to take the path less travelled, recognising the growing base of evaluation methods, standards and ratings we realised that reporting on ESGs is pretty tough. Very little recognition is handed to researches, auditors, communicators and the wider teams that work tirelessly to push the envelope and drive their organisations towards a sustainable future. So we developed our own feedback and recognition platform designed to provide both the micro and the macro instant feedback that reporting lacks whilst providing recognition to those who champion ways to inspire their organisation and create a culture of sustainable development.

Sounds great, score my organisation!

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