Sustainable Legacies

Part three of our Launch Series of video insights unpacks why it's important to build a sustainable legacy, how this can be achieved and what sustainability means in the digital age, in a world of transformation, influence and instant gratification.

The 'holistic' approach to sustainability

We believe a holisitic multi-disciplinary view is required in order to address the opportunity that is sustainable development. We know that our discpline alone is not the single answer, but that it takes multiple talents together to build something as complex as a sustainable building, business or bond.

An Holistic Approach To Acheiving The 17 SDGs

A brief example - A 'network' of trees

Trees have multiple positive properties depending on the type of tree, it's environment and more. Whilst the investment in the business of planting and supporting tree growth and management brings about additional conditions, trees fundamentally provide a natural way to store carbon, reduce surface water, reduce urban heat and grow fruits alongside many other benefits. A tree planted in an unmanaged and unsuitable environment can cause groundwater contamination, droughts or wildfires and other negative impacts on the environment and on communities, not to mention that the company which takes care of planting the trees may operate corruptly with government and corporations or underpay staff or implement poor health and safety practices which ignore workers rights. We view trees like a decentralised network of carbon locking, water sucking, heat reducing, fruit giving miracles, multivalent as opposed to single-use like a sewage system or umbrella, for example. We want circularity in our systems so that we can bond the decisions people make with the local impact of implementing a network of trees where they can appreciate the results, in their local towns and cities. Building circularity and feedback into the system this creates a participatory model where contribution leads to feedback which leads to impact that compounds and grows to become a cultural shift without causing disruption.

Ready to rethink sustainability with us?

We are simply custodians

Whilst we are the thought leaders and innovators today, our work forms merely a part of the wider global impact in the brief moment that we hold the influence required to garner the support and the resources to drive impacts. There comes a point whether we are the CEO or not that our role within the organisation is passed on to the next bright mind to take forwards. We recognise that this relay race takes places constantly and it is our job to see that we further the progress of our objectives and hand the baton on to the next custodian so they can further the organisations cause from our great work and better it in their own unique way but with the same ultimate direction which drives the entire organisations values and beliefs.

Let's build your legacy

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