Welcome to the new age of reporting. Regenerating a global economy with purpose.

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Accurate Reporting

Our reporting helps business leaders who want to turn reports into action by distilling the modern complexity of business and enables the transition towards a sustainable business model which considers the impact on people, the planet and the global community. We deliver process improvement, change management and assurance assessments.
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Access anywhere on any device

We blend the latest data analytics from our own sophisticated software with thousands of trusted industry sources. Powered by our in-house team of former global leaders, ambassadors and leading consultants. Delivered to you via an interactive report connected to your business for turn-key opportunities and insights to transform your business and measure the results.

Reporting that scales with you

From a complete assessment to an individual project, our reporting process works at any scale to support the largest global multinationals and the fast growing SME's that power the regenerative economy.


Internal assessments focus on your operations, overall performance, systemic issues and pain points which can slow down productivity creating friction and waste.

Supply Chain

Assess your overseas operations, as well as other UK offices, your suppliers or your network on key metrics and bring the company into full alignment with your vision.


Focus in on a specific team or department with a specific report dedicated to one aspect of your operation to review management, productivity and effectiveness.


Assess a single product, service or project for operational efficiency, best practice implementation and alignment to your core business with influencer-led response.

Regenerative Approach

Our Reporting Process is
100% Net Carbon Positve.


Equitable Circular Economy

We identify, analyse and uncover improvements to systems, processes and procedures. Helping you to relinquish staff frustrations, improve customer response, integrate new technology and achieve compliance with industry leading standards. All whilst introducing you to the circular economy to benefit business, people, planet and prosperity.


Holistic approach, systemic design

Reporting that enables you to engage staff, communicate with your customers and effectively drive sustainable development. Aligning your businesses resources to support change and the impact internally and externally on your business model. Providing you with the operational, environmental and corporate policy that aligns with best practices, procedures and internationally recognised standards.


Irradicate risks, deliver opportunities

An AG Assurance Assessment provides an overview of your structure and context for your company from operational observations, market research and industry sector data. This makes it easier to map out how to improve performance, allocate your teams time and resources, and achieve alignment across your organisation with global reporting standards from the BSI, GRI, CDP and United Nations Global Compact.


We help you to turn reporting into impact

What really sets AG apart from the rest is our service. We don't sell our software, what you pay for is our consulting service on top of our sophisticated reporting platform. Therefore every penny you pay goes into the service you receive.

This enables us to learn about you, your organisation, your reporting requirements and to use this knowledge to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your reports so we can work together to transition from reporting into action.

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All Service Plans Include
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Accessible on any device, anywhere at any time
  • Big-Data Analytics
  • Your own 1:1 AG consultant

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We provide a report on your organisations current impact on the SDGs and the related processes, procedures, quality, health and safety, flow or operational issues which may impact on the organisations performance.
A statement of sustainability is an overview of how sustainable your organisation is based on operational observations, market research and industry sector data.
Sustainability statements provide structure and context for your company, making it easier to map out how to improve performance, allocate your teams time and resources, and achieve alignment across your organisation.
Learning about how your organisation impacts - the environment, the community, your team and so on helps you to form a strategy aimed at improving efficiency, communicating effectively with new and existing customer, staff, partners and suppliers which leads to building better relationships, reducing waste and costs, improving your products and services.
A statement uncovers some of the positive and negative impacts that your organisation has on environmental, social and operational performance providing you with clarity, ideas to progress and a way to communicate the valuable work you do to customers.
An AG Statement helps you to identify specific areas which can help you reach accreditation with B Corp, ISO, GRI, the UN Global Compact and more.
By undertaking a statement you show your staff and your customers that you are investing in the future, investing in growing a successful, sustainable, organisation.
Build connections with like-minded leaders as you communicate your values as an organisation in a new way. Attract talent from a wider pool, especially young talent, who are driving transformation specifically in environmental concerns.
A statement gives you a taste of how we at AG think about sustainability whilst providing you with a valuable asset to communicate with customers, staff or in the board room.