SDG Action Manager - Impact Management Tool

Finally, an effective tool has arrived to help businesses get started with the Sustainable Development Goals. Until now, it’s been very tricky for companies to identify which goals they already, directly and indirectly, impact through their work. The SDG Action Manager takes the first step to help companies identify the SDGs and match their current efforts across the environmental, social and governance landscape to the United Nations Global Goals backed by technology from B Lab and guidance from the United Nations Global Compact. The resulting collaboration has produced a tool which is going to enable us to support so many more business on their journey towards creating real, true, measurable impact.

We’ve been lucky enough to have BETA access and time to fully explore the tool with a number of existing and some of our upcoming clients. This has given us tons of valuable feedback and analysis which we can use to help you too.

Why should you use the SDG Action Manager?

The SDG Action Manager isn’t going to transform your business into a sustainability influential leader overnight, it’s a tool which you can use alongside other tools you may have already to inspire, transform and grow your resilient business. The SDG Action Manager conveniently packages the complexity of the Sustainable Development Goals and all its targets and indicators into a questionnaire which helps to highlight some areas of practical improvement. Every person and therefore every organisation has a commitment to the planet and more importantly to ensure the good work being done today is perpetrated long after we have handed the baton to our successors so that the organisations we support can grow and thrive. Without longlasting sustainable businesses built on ethical and sustainable grounds not only will we fail to achieve the SDGs by 2030 but we will also fail to build a better world both close to home and around the globe. Organisations built to last, not for the next 3, 4 or 5 years but organisations built to last for 20, 50, 100 years are built to be sustainable both naturally, industrially and socially. The SDG Action Manager is a small part of that sustainability jigsaw at a time that we desperately need it.

How does the SDG Action Manager work?

First, you complete a series of SDG related questionnaires. These questionnaires are constructed on the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and the World Benchmarking Alliance Seven transformations for a more sustainable and resilient world.
These questionnaires cover all 17 SDGs, you don’t have to do all of them, there are a recommended set provided based on your business industry and sector.

Once you have completed the questions you’ll be able to see your baseline score as it stands today. You can dig a little deeper and view a report on your SDG Performance. This is where you can view your performance compared to all the companies that have also completed the questionnaires. Because some questions are harder to answer and require more detail, documentation or artefacts to answer accurately these questions boost your score a little more than most others.

Now you can get Goals and share them with other people in your organisation. At this point, you can use the manage to track progress towards your own goals although you will need to login and keep this updated as you progress. Once you’ve achieved a goal you can mark it completed and this boosts your score or conduct a review to see how you’ve progressed.

Are you interested in using the SDG Action Manager?

You can go to the SDG Action Manager website and sign up today.
Alternatively, we can help you get started. We have helpful videos and upcoming webinars if you just want to learn a little more before diving in. If you are ready to jump right in we feel nothing quite beats having a 1:1, someone to share ideas and help make the most of the time spent getting the SDG Action Manager up and running, translating the information you input into the manager into clear, actionable and measurable sustainable strategies and systems that benefit the whole organisation. That’s where our years of expertise come into full effect and help you to trailblaze a global movement of companies working to build a better world for people and our planet.

I already have the SDG Action Manager, can you help?

Absolutely. It’s fantastic that you have already signed up for an SDG Action Manager account. We see a lot of companies getting bogged down in the questions and running out of steam. We can help you get the SDG Action Manager running smoothly, providing a starting point so you can see and understand you’re existing impact, ready to set goals, track improvement and collaborate. We take all the hassle away, working with our checklist to curate the documents and other artefacts we need to accurately set up your SDG Action Manager. This also helps us to get to know your organisation helping us to better advise, plan and measure true impact and sustainable practice to grow our organisation and build in strong resilience.

So don’t wait, get in touch and together we can get you up and running as perhaps the first company in your industry!

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