Highlights In Norwich

The fith and final part of our launch Series of videos takes a peek into the work being done to promote, implement and measure SDG impact in Norwich, our base of operations here in the UK.

Our home, The Enterprise Centre - UEA

The Enterprise Centre is one of the most sustainable buildings in the UK standing as a testament to what multiple stakeholders can achieve in providing sustainable, iconic and visually stunning environments with which to grow our business. Opened in June 2015, the centre has won numerous building awards including a prestigious (RIBA) the Royal Institute for architecture national award. The Centre holds both Passivhaus and BREEAM certifications and standards.

Our administration and technical base over at Hethel Engineering Centre are also home to electronic vehicle manufacturers, clean energy companies, sustainable construction companies and numerous clean and biotech networks. This places AG at the heart of the latest technological and scientific breakthroughs.

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Reducing water, waste and consumption

The University of East Anglia (UEA) and the wider Norwich Research Park are constantly developing and implementing solutions to reduce water usage both in operations and in the production of products and scientific solutions. Across the city companies are working with fantastic environmental service providers to reduce waste, promote recycling and more importantly, promote circularity with the materials that they use so that the process of production is managed, maintained and sustainable.

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Production, growth and new business

Bernard Matthews produces energy through wind turbines and solar farms whilst also addressing the gender pay gap, Lotus are developing electric car technologies and start-up businesses out of the UEA are promoting circularity by repurposing plastics into long-term use items where the carbon created from manufacturing is stored in the product for as long as possible. This is just a brief and exciting insight into the scale of the growing, developing and inspiring scene in Norwich.

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