The flexible feedback and recognition tool for accurate high impact reporting.

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Reporting to Impact

Born out of our frustration with long feedback cycles where momentum is lost and influence is low we developed a simple, provocative and responsive tool to aid the transition from reporting to impact.
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Get Started For Free

A free open source tool hosted in our Microsoft Azure Cloud or on your IT network. Utilising the blockchain to validate genuine feedback and artificial intelligence to provide accuracy.

Deliver Reports, Create Impacts

No coding skills required, straight out of the box realtime feedback. Highly flexible to suit your needs with our reporting experts on hand.


Drive culture and become proactive not re-active, gaining feedback on products, performance and policy to deliver board meeting ready dashboards.

Supply Chain

Rate, rank and gain insight on your supply chain's service, performance and strategic alignment to make better purchasing decisions and choices.


Collaborate with your customers to tailor the impact of your products, customer services, marketing and encourage participatory innovation.


Understand how shareholders and investors view your reports and extract the information that they need to make critical investing decisions.

Holistic Approach

Influencer led feedback
for a participatory model.


Switch out what you measure

You can use our tried and tested 5 point influence metrics system or replace each metric with your own so your scores are tailored to exactly what you're trying to measure. Each metric can be weighted manually or using our machine learning system.


Gather feedback, fuel participation

Scores can be gathered through mobiles, tablets, interactive displays, kiosks, IoT's and more so that each stakeholder can engage in the conversation via the method most suitable for them. Even the questions that you ask can be tailored to your exact requirements.


Multi-lingual for maximum engagement

Accessibility is crucial to accurate reporting and therefore we designed the system to be available in many languages using as little text information as possible so that as many people as possible can quickly and easily understand the data.

The Next Steps

What Happens Next...


Start for free, today.

Simply sign up online using the registration form and a member of the AG team will reach out to you to confirm your details and book a 10 - 15 minute call with one of our specialist consultants. In the meantime we will show you some examples of dashboards we've created in your sector to get the creative juices flowing.


Let's get to know you.

Next we want to get to know you. We will discuss what reporting you do already, what you're looking to achieve with the feedback tool in particular and what stakeholders you want to invite into the process and why.


Let's get to know your organisation.

Now it's time to put a face to a name, let's get to know your organisation. Your AG consultant will arrange to meet you at your location to establish who the key influencers are and to complete a basic assessment to determine how effective we believe the feedback tool will be for you.


We build your dashboard with you.

The dashboard is created with your insight to select appropriate graphics from your reports, vital information and statistics, specific metrics, questions to ask your stakeholders, your corporate colours and more.


Let's maximise impact and grow!

The dashboard is launched and feedback is generated. We keep an eye on progress, help steer discussions and provide overall assistance. Finally, we provide a short statement once the feedback has been collected so you can use our insight and evaluation of how the tool was used along with how to move forwards.


We help you to turn reporting into impact

What really sets AG apart from the rest is our service. We don't sell our software, what you pay for is our consulting service on top of our free tool. Therefore every penny you pay goes into the service you receive.

This enables us to learn about you, your organisation, your reporting requirements and to use this knowledge to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from the feedback tool so we can work together to transition from reporting into action.

Starting at
Monthly Subscription
All Service Plans Include
  • SDG Mapping
  • Customised Reporting Highlights
  • Custom metrics, questions and stakeholder groups
  • Your own 1:1 AG consultant

Need more convincing?
Let's have a coffee...

We distribute as open source software that's free to use on our cloud or on your own IT network. All we ask, is a small service charge for our consultancy to get you up to speed and making the most of your new sidekick.
Everything you see here was developed because we needed a tool to help us evaluate our customers ESG reporting before we got started. We even use the tool for our awards platform where we award effective impact reporting.
We're not a software company, we pride ourselves on our service, so when you get started with us we really invest in getting to know you, your company, your requirements and how we can tailor everything to you.
We use the blockchain only to validate that every item of feedback is genuine so scores can't be engineered. Equally, we use AI to take a slice of the overall scores so that any rogue high or low scores are disregarded. We believe these technologies will play a vital role in the future development.