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Dubarry is a fashion designer and retailer based in Ballingore Ireland since 1937 with assets and operations in the USA, UK and Europe. It is privately owned. Dubarry’s aim is to provide comfortable, versatile and stylish footwear and clothing. The focus on GORE-TEX based products, a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane, means the company is able to produce stylish and functional outdoor footwear and clothing.
Dubarry is a long-established company built on a significant and well-documented heritage. As a result, the company is a transformer, transitioning from a traditional linear business model to a circular economy based model. At this moment in time, Dubarry is at the beginning of that journey and so their trend analysis currently registers a neutral position.
At present, there is no sustainability guidance, ESG reporting or association with the SDGs through the companies website. The company does utilise Teflon fabric protectors on products which have been found to contain Perfluorocarbon acid (PFOA) and as yet there are no suggestions of using alternative ecological replacements. It’s clear that Dubarry commits to the quality of the products that they produce but there are no commitments to sustainability standards, policies, initiatives or associations. This also means that there are no data sources, reports, projections and as a result no published sustainability aims and objectives.
During the outbreak of COVID-19 Dubarry published clear information to support customers through the outbreak with the distribution of their campaign message “Safer Together, By Standing Apart”. This is message promoted safe, responsible shopping with clear published guidance and a healthy proactive lifestyle during the lockdown.

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  • 26/03/20
    Dubarry - Safer Together, By Standing Apart
    As we face some very challenging times our number one priority is to ensure that our customers and staff are protected by closely following best practice and the Government guidelines. We hope you can continue to enjoy time with your family or loved ones, but also with your animals and the outdoors. At this time mental health has never been so important and animals and the outdoors can really make a difference. With this in mind, we hope you can continue to enjoy our products whilst on those everyday adventures.
  • 13/02/20
    Burghley Horse Trials 2020 to get underway with the Young Event Horse Final for the first time
    This year’s Burghley Horse Trials will open with an established event for the first time. The trials, which will be held between Wednesday September 2 and Sunday September 6, are to get underway with the Dubarry Young Event Horse Final, which showcases potential five-star horses.
  • 18/08/19
    Dubarry’s profit boots up while revenue falls
    Dubarry, a footwear and clothing brand, reported profits of more than €2.8m in the year to November 2018, up from €2.6m. The filings by holding company, Glentawn Investments Ltd, show that revenues at the brand hit €23m, down about €650,000 on the previous year.
  • 08/07/19
    USEA to Continue Partnership with Dubarry for the 2019 AEC
    The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is pleased to announce the continued partnership with Dubarry of Ireland. As a Bronze Level Sponsor of the 2019 USEA American Eventing Championships (AEC) Dubarry of Ireland will award two pairs of Dubarry boots for AEC prizes.
Neutral Trend
What Is A Trend Analysis?

Our trend analysis is a holistic review of the companies current sustainability performance and targets to determine whether our sentiment analysis scores are likely to improve, stay the same or decrease in the future.

Dubarry has a neutral score. This is predominantly because Dubarry has not published any sustainability data, targets or known associations as they are at the beginning of their sustainability transformation.

We categorise companies as Transformers, companies adapting to a changing environment and Displacers, companies who have been formed from the ground-up to displace established business models.

5 Active Systems
What Are Systems?

Systems describe a collection of activities that organisations can embrace to form part of their sustainability strategy. We identify systems within a company through their actions and connect these systems with targets to form an action plan or evaluate progress.

Dubarry currently prescribes to using 5 systems of transformation. These systems are repairability, reusability, longevity, stewardship and equity. Repairability means that their products can be repaired this ultimately saves the material cost of replacing a product. Reusability means that a product can be used by multiple users before the end of the products serviceable life cycle. Longevity means that products are provided with extended warranties or can be serviced to maintain long-lasting product life. Stewardship means that the organisation has a take-back recycling or product upcycling programme, showing their ability to act responsibly and use materials for other applications. Equity means that the products and/or services are available without discrimination to any gender, age, race or disability.

No Active Targets
What Is A Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment analysis is carried out by our consultants, auditors and influencers when a company applies for an ESG score. The score consists of 5 criteria, these are as follows. Clarity, Transparency, Commitment Engaging and Detail. Each criterion is scored out of a maximum of 5 points. The average score is published discarding outlying results outside the average range of the 10 closet scores. Once the ESG profile is live anyone can create an account and submit their analysis. This analysis is provided anonymously to the company and is used to actively adjust their live sentiment analysis scores.

Dubarry has no documented sustainability reporting or targets set therefore their sentiment analysis is based on the presentation of information on its website, through social media and press releases. Our sources are linked above displayed in the activity grid.

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