How to Tackle Climate Change, Poverty and Inequality

I was fortunate enough to meet James Bussey, an incredibly talented former architect turned creative expert who had the fantastic idea of giving people who lead their business with a mission, a platform to share their message to the world. Back in November 2019, James filmed episode 4 of the first series at our offices at The Enterprise Centre. James describes in his own words, what the Displacers series is all about. "The Displacers mini-series comprises of video interviews with inspiring thought leaders and company directors. These leaders are pioneering a revolution in their industry and evolving the way in which we all do business. The focus of this project is people that move business forwards. Motivational people that push boundaries and help us all perform better as a result. They are running companies that exist beyond county lines. Based here, but operating nationally and internationally."

S1:E4 Alexander Pond - Entrepreneur and Thought Leader

Alex Pond is redefining the term ‘sustainability’ and moving away from the familiar rhetoric of the last 50 years. Alex’s mission is not about simply reducing plastic straws, planting trees or sticking solar panels on new build houses. Moves like this are not a driver for real change and will not get us towards a genuinely sustainable future.

Instead, his revolution is based on economics. It is based on the simple principle that if businesses choose to properly implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, they can benefit from greater profits, greater reach, more customers and more success.

Let's implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Latest Updates

  1. S1:E1 Loui Blake - Entrepreneur and Restauranteur
    By Native Origin

    Loui Blake is the founder of Erpingham House, Kalifornia Kitchen and Future Football Elite. Loui is a pioneering entrepreneur, sparking a revolution in vegan and plant-based food, undertaking exceptional feats of physical endurance for fun and developing his own personal brand as a thought leader in sustainable living.

  2. S1:E2 James Groves - Managing Director and Energy Consultant
    By Native Origin

    James Groves is the very definition of an inspiring leader. The culture he has created at Indigo Swan is truly outstanding and unparalleled. His staff are fully motivated, engaged and passionate about their work. And this incredible culture enables them to give the very best service possible to their valued customers.

  3. S1:E3 Gin and Mark Wilson-North - Directors and Entrepreneurs
    By Native Origin

    When I started to plan this project, there were already a few people in my mind that I wanted to interview. These people had already entered my life and inspired me with their passion, their belief and their approach to running their business.

  4. S1:E5 Imogen Shipperlee and Andy Narayn-Barrow - Innovation Managers
    By Native Origin

    Imogen Shipperlee and Andy Narayn-Barrow come to work every day to incubate truly innovative businesses. They do this because they are passionate about working with inspiring entrepreneurs and they want to do everything they can to help them succeed.

  5. S1:E6 Hannah Wooller - Architect and Managing Director
    By Native Origin

    Hannah Wooller is an Architect and the Managing Director of Norwich-based practice Hudson Architects. I was deeply inspired by Hannah as she joined the practice. Her drive and determination were unmatched and she was a fantastic teacher. She always had time to listen to me and support me as an RIBA Part 2 graduate.