Discover, inspire and develop sustainable thinking

Our 1, 3 or 5 day workshops provide a 3 module studio environment at your premises or at the world leading research institution, The University of East Anglia, where we map processes, identify opportunities, champion ideas and create a road map for sustainable development that continues after the workshop is complete.

Learn, create and test your sustainability plan of action

Discover the power of systemic design and unlock the power to engage the hearts and minds of influencers, develop circularity in your organisation and create a culture for innovation and sustainable impact.


Sustainability goes beyond planting trees, it is at the very heart of what establishes the most prosperous businesses for the benefit of everyone involved without creating negative consequences for the planet.


Through a high-impact 1, 3 or 5 day studio workshop at your choosen premises or at our iconic and visually stunning environment at The Enterprise Centre, one of the greenest buildings in the UK with all carbon impacts offset.


We map the processes that produce your products and services, define feedback loops, identify opportunities for innovation before we compare and contrast circularity with the wider industry & global markets.


Led by Alexander Pond and developed with the AG team the workshop has been created to combat the ineffective conferences of old with a modern studio approach to maximise impact so see results from day 1.

Holistic Approach

Every workshop contains these
core studio sessions...


Transform from the linear to the circular economy

Experiment and prototype ideas to create new systems for new products, services and feedback loops which can translate into stories to build future relationships.

  • Map the life cycle process from end to end for the production of your products/services, moving from a linear to circular model
  • Define existing feedback loops & possible new loops to close the circle
  • Identify opportunities within the model to challenge a redesign and inspire innovation
  • Compare with the competition and contrast circularity with the wider industry and global market


Design, plan and share fresh solutions and innovations

The workshop engages with the talent within your organisation to further the use of your skills to create future solutions within the same framework learnt during the workshop, adding additional capability to team that discovers talent, implements systems to empower talent and enables new capabilities that live on beyond the workshop.

  • Define natural and industrial systems
  • Identify wasted or duplicated efforts by creating a map
  • Identify the dark matter costs, the nexus between time, nature and networks then assign ‘values’ so we can see the ‘true cost’ of the organisation


Develop behaviours that continue good practice

Move from settings goals to creating systems and behaviours that build on strengths and deliver the slight edge.

  • Identify champions (influencers) inside and outside the organisation
  • Define touchpoints to interact with different behavioural groups based on awareness and engagement with the brand so we can create systems for stakeholders not by title but by behaviour

Prerequisites, Timings and Results

The Workshop Schedule

Choose from a 1, 3 or 5 day studio workshop, also available remotely via our virtual workshop platform.

1 Day Studio
Our 1-day studio packs in the highlights from all the modules into sprint sessions for a high-intensity day of sustainability discovery and innovation.
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3 Day Studio
A 3-day studio enables us to work together on the areas where your organisation needs the most attention so we can provide precise assistance.
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5 Day Studio
The 5-day studio allows us to deep dive into the world of sustainability, engage with all the major stakeholders and maximise the success of your action plan.
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Workshop Timeline

The Studio Process...


Kick off with friends.

We encourage every workshop to kick off with an open seminar where you can invite your customers, shareholders, partners, suppliers and wider stakeholders. This establishes your stewardship and introduces the 5 cornerstones of sustainable practice to everyone inside and outside your organisation.


Let's get to know you.

Before jumping into the core modules we want to explore the organisations wider issues, frustrations and challenges. These can be internal or external pressures and it gives us some context so we can direct our attention to this pain points during the studio.


Time to plan, map and test ideas.

Now it's time to get started with the three core modules which contain individual exercises, activities and tons of useful resources. These modules are kicked off with guest speakers, influencers and members of the AG team and always finish with clear actionable systems.


Reflect and catch up on the day.

When a module completes we invite a short break for time to reflect and catch up with the days activities outside the workshop. Our workshops can include sustainably sourced refreshments. The Enterprise Centre is surrounded by Earlham Park a forested nature reserve with extensive lawns stretching down to the River Yare.


Let's maximise impact and grow!

The workshops end with a simple presentation highlighting the top 5 opportunities to move towards a sustainable future. This includes an action plan of who needs to be involved, the scale of the work, the impact projected, the investment required and a timeline for realisation.


For teams, departments, divisons or organisations of any size

Our workshops are designed to be flexible, accomodating compact teams of up to 5 attendees through to large organisations of up to 300 attendees. We reccomend that large organisations split into groups no larger than 30 or 40 for the individual modules.

You can choose to take part in a 1 day studio or expand on the modules activities to go into greater depth over 3 or 5 days respectively. Local travel, accomodation and other activities can be organised for thoose organisations attending our location from further afield.

Starting at
Based on a team of 12
All Workshops Include
  • All resources & activities
  • Sustainability action plan
  • Post event article & podcast
  • AG 'Discovery' certification

Need more convincing?
Let's have a coffee...

Is sustainability important to your organisation?
Is your business resilient, able to grow and thrive continuing your legacy for years to come? Let's build a better world for people, for the planet, for prosperity, for peace and for partnerships.
Is sustainability relevant outside your organisation?
Can you continue to ignore the environmental, social and economic pressures and demands on your business? In the 'Decade of Action' ensure your business thrives in the digital, circular economy.
Can you build a network around sustainable growth?
This is your opportunity to lead your industry and become the flagbearers of the next decade for the prosperity of your team, organisation, local community and the wider global community.
What are the big-picture implications?
Failing to act now attacks the natural systems that sustain life on our planet and the economies with which we trade and invest in everyday, acting now places your organisation ahead of the curve.