Alex's Purpose

Welcome to part one of our launch series about AG and our CEO, Alexander Pond. We want to take you on a journey explaining how we came to be and our legacy going forward.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015 the United Nations summoned world leaders to agree 17 goals to achieve a better world by the year 2030. The goals address poverty, inequality and climate change among 17 other important goals. Working together as governments, businesses and the wider society we can work together to achieve these goals and furthermore, build a better future.

A Brief Introduction to the 17 SDGs

Reframing Legacy

Besides the technical corporate terminology of a legacy company, our view of legacy resides with the original definition and more specifically, "what kind of organisation, community and world we leave behind for our future generations, the future custodians of our organisation too". We believe in that sustainability is intrinsically linked to legacy and our ability as individuals to leave a positive impact on the people we meet and the wider world as a whole.

Learn more about leadership and the power of influence

Building Your Legacy

We have a different tools and resources designed to help you to establish your legacy. From audits and reports that establish benchmarks and standards to stragies and stratgic design to unwind the complexity of modern business to our connections to investment, growth and partnership in order to maximise influence.

Let's get started...

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  2. A Brief Introduction to the 17 SDGs
    By AG

    The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by all the United Nation’s Members States in 2015, form a plan to build a better world.

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