The Architect of Ideas.

“From an early age, I knew I wanted to be an architect. I just had no idea back then that my version of architecture wouldn’t exclusively involve buildings. I’ve been creating value for businesses since I was just 17, taking grand visions and mapping out the ways to make enterprise dreams become a reality."

Young Entrepreneurs - 2011
Graeme Le Saux presenting Community Award - 2014

“I’ve worked alongside people who have incredible ideas that bring real change to communities, and I’ve worked to put the right technology, systems and strategies in place to make them happen. I’ve always wanted to do work that makes an impact and discovered I couldn’t find that in traditional areas like the classroom, so I took my leap of faith and became an entrepreneur. By working in frenetic, exciting startups, I’ve mastered the art of making small budgets stretch, developed exceptional digital, hardware and software skills, and cultivated a keen commercial instinct."

“My work has provided me with fantastic opportunity to sit down with some of the most exciting leaders in startups and high-growth organisations around the world, discovering their common characteristics and delving into the mindsets of the remarkable people behind these projects. Their stories have helped me shape my vision for the company as the Architect of Ideas, committed to assisting businesses to become sustainable in every sense of the word."

Awarding Kimberly-Clark the SDG Impact Award - 2019
True legacy and it's purpose - 2021

“Working to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, I believe we offer leaders a blueprint for their future that serves everyone. This comes from a belief that as 'architects' of a sustainable society our job is to make the world a better place. A better place than we found it. Creating companies that are going to be around in 50 or 100 years and more that need to be profitable and that really are in service to humanity as a whole."

"Let's redefine sustainability"


Think Fabric - 2017

Inspired by the idea of leadership and what that means in the digital age, I travelled across Europe to interview some of the most exciting leaders working today. These conversations allowed me to explore what the concept of leadership means, the challenges for leaders today and how they grow and evolve in the role.

Leader Interviews
SDG inspired Whitepaper

Journey Highlights

  • Barcelona
    Goal 8 Goal 9 Goal 11
    MARC Navarro
    Barcelona was the backdrop for my meeting with Marc where we discussed Sinergics, a collaborative workspace setup in co-operation with the Municipal Goverment to upskill a deprived area of town through educating, networking and providing free space for the community to launch ideas and contribute to Municipal projects.
  • Milan
    Goal 8 Goal 9
    PIETRO Cesati
    At Talent Garden Milano I met Pietro and his inspiring team working to redefine what community investing looks like, by creating a marketplace for social investing to benefit local investors, small businesses and communities to provide circularity which benefits the whole economy.
  • Prague
    Goal 3 Goal 5 Goal 10
    ANDREA Knopokova
    In a digital world Andrea shared with me her mission to bring the focus back to face-to-face interactions so we live in a world where people spend less time on their screens and more time with one another - talking, discussing and discovering the real wealth of our society.
  • Berlin
    Goal 8 Goal 9 Goal 11
    LAURA Casadevall
    Laura shared with me the work that the Department for Culture in Berlin was doing to promote diversity and creativity through the Creative City Berlin project which inspires new and exciting social enterprises bringing the most unlikely collaborations.
  • Lisbon
    Goal 12 Goal 13 Goal 14
    ANA Salcedo
    In Lisbon, Ana introduced me to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and her work at the Zero Waste Lab where used plastics washed up on the beaches of Portugal was being used as 3D printing materials for hospital door handles, signs and other long term applications.
  • London
    Goal 16 Goal 17
    WENDY Betts
    Returning to the UK and in the heart of the Capital, Wendy shared eyeWitness, an innovative approach to combine law and techonology in order to bring those responsible for committing the worst international crimes for their actions.